Consult With an Attorney for Your Slip and Fall Accident

Have you or a family member had a slip and fall accident? If so, nnuforum then you will need to consult with a good personal injury attorney. Your personal injury lawyer will help to make sure that you are informed about all of your rights and the possible alternatives which may be available to you as a slip and fall victim. Oftentimes, victims of personal injury accidents such as a trip and fall, make mistakes immediately after the accident. These mistakes can negatively affect the potential personal injury claim value.

Many slip and trips accidents often occur in a privately owned business. If immediate emergency medical care is not required, be sure to obtain the insurance claim information from the business owner or representative who is in charge of the business. They should provide you with contact information about how to file a claim for you injuries. Do not discuss the accident more than necessary, just point out what happened and what it was that caused the accidental fall. Be sure to have an incident report filed. Do not make any type of statement to anyone other than your attorney.

If you have been severely injured, immediately seek emergency medical care. Either have an ambulance called, or proceed at once to the closest emergency room for a complete evaluation and treatment. Carefully follow the advice of the treating physician who examines you. If you have suffered serious injuries, seek prompt medical care and treatment. Do not delay seeking care. It can be potentially medically dangerous, you may have received a concussion or other type of injury that you are not aware of. Also, not getting proper medical care may count against you in your potential personal injury lawsuit case.

Shortly after your slip and fall incident, or other accidental injury, you will receive a call from the insurance company’s representatives. This will most likely be an insurance adjuster or investigator. Remember that their job is to get you to say something that will lessen the responsibility of their insured. Some of the questions may be intended to trick you into saying the wrong thing. Be very cautious in your responses, for it is very easy to say something which is not in your best interest. It is even possible that you may not be aware of saying something which can adversely affect your case.

This is just one reason why it is vital that you seek legal counsel immediately after your slip and fall injury accident. Your personal injury lawyer has the proper knowledge and experience to be able to handle the case, He or she will be in charge of all the legal documents, and insurance contracts which will be a part of your slip and trip lawsuit. Be sure to not give any written or recorded statements without your attorney’s knowledge and advice. Many slip and fall accident victims make the mistake of saying too much, and end up hurting their personal injury claim settlement.

For now, keep communications just between yourself and your legal adviser.
Ultimately, this will help you reach a better settlement in your personal injury accident claim. Your personal injury lawyer has your best interests at heart. They will help to guide you to the best settlement possible.


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